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Boogie Nights (1997)

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Doctor Who: Eleven [ENTP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): seeks outer discovery, playful, restless, loves new ideas, connections, and possibilities, external brainstorming, looks beyond the surface to find hidden data, patterns, and possibilities, searching for the unknown.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): using logic and reason to understand or solve problems, self-discipline and independently managing their lives and personal projects.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): striving for peace, harmony, and understanding in their environment, working to cultivate good feelings in other people, withholding opinions for the sake of social harmony, and desires public affirmation.

Introverted Sensing (Si): using information from the past to inform the present, preserving certain traditions, using tried and true methods, inner body awareness.

The Doctor is forever in search of new ideas and possibilities. He gets extremely bored without anything to think about. He builds quick connections between people, grasps enormous complexities very rapidly, and is somewhat reckless in his tendency to leap into new situations (Ne). He tries to focus on the big picture but is easily distracted by new theories, ideas, possibilities, and adventures. Rather than base his logic on agreed-upon facts, the Doctor embraces all theories, no matter how crazy they may seem (Ti).

He seeks external affirmation for both his behavior and his style of garment, and is slightly hurt at criticism (Fe). The Doctor becomes rapidly uncomfortable if his companions are bickering, and is highly animated in both his moods and his emotional outbursts. He runs away from his memories because many of them are emotionally painful, but he also has a long list of past incidents and encounters that he draws on to reinforce present situations. He can become locked in the past and despondent if he spends too much time there (inferior Si).

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Sculptures by Livio Scarpella 

My Amp Goes To 11Twitter | Instagram

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now THAT is a cool batman tattoo


(funfact: in russia the letter for ‘N’ is actually ‘H’ (so you read ‘HAHAHA’ but russians read ‘NANANA’))


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TVD characters + MBTI
• Rebekah Mikaelson → ENFP “The Inspirer”
"Lively, dramatic, energetic, enthusiastic, they are non-conformists, following their own path and trusting their intuition.”

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Monkey Business

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